Ghost Ride Chronicles Part 1: Anything But Little

April 27th, 2020. 9:58 PM

The world, including the State of Colorado, is in the midst of strict lockdowns. The world has largely moved online. I am working a night shift in security, and I have a radical idea.

What if I rode during off hours to avoid exposure to COVID-19?

I had been pondering the idea as a way to escape from a bad living situation by clearing my head on bike rides. My first target was Downtown Littleton.

First Impressions

As I headed west towards the South Platte River, thoughts raced through my head. What if an overzealous police officer caught what I was going and decided to arrest me for being out during the Stay at Home order? What if I hit a bad snag and was stuck in the middle of the night with no one to grab me? What if I caught COVID and was hospitalized for weeks? I had these feelings as I was headed southbound. Riding with a two light setup, I felt nervous every time I was near a major road along the trail.

Crossing into Arapahoe County

Roughly around the Arapahoe County line, things intensified heavily. My nerves shot up as I passed a major shopping center with a rent-a-cop esque security guard patrolling along the edges. He shined his light on me briefly as I transitioned from the S Platte Trail to the Mary Carter Greenway. As I made it there, I started to assess my general tiredness, realizing that Littleton would be my final destination. Past the shopping centers and the golf course, there was nothing out of the ordinary to report save the fact that there was a significantly smaller amount of cars on the road.

Getting into Littleton

As I reached the arterial trail into Littleton, my nerves got the best of me again. I ended up along an arterial that led to the main street in Downtown Littleton. Hoping to make it the the Littleton Downtown station, I headed towards Arapahoe Community College. Viewing the station from the community college, I saw police patrolling the parking lot. Not wanting to end up with a ticket for breaking whatever sort of curfew they had, I sprinted back towards the artery and towards the main stretch of the Mary Carter trail.


For a lot of reasons, this ride felt like a “training wheels” ride. It was along a fairly established trail, had a lot of moments that I could bail out along, and had no particularly odd features to it. It would serve as a confidence builder for the more interesting rides that I would take in the near future.

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