Two Cigarettes, Delta Surge, and new Work: A short reflection on the Scorching Summer of 2021

As the early signs of fall start to appear along the Front Range and summer starts to recede, now more than ever seems like a time to reflect on one of the more aggressive summers of my lifetime.

The biggest lowlight for me was the fact air quality was horrid several times throughout the year, including the past week. A mix of bad ozone from increased car commutes and smoke blowing in from the fires to the west of us made it hard to be outside. I reduced many of my outdoor activities, vouching to do them after the sun went down. Today, in fact, it reached the point that some local news outlets likened it to smoking two cigarettes a day.

The surge of the Delta variant has been something that overshadowed much of the drop of restrictions in Denver and Colorado While President Biden wanted to declare a victory on July 4th with a stated goal of getting to 70% vaccination by one dose, that victory would not come until later in the summer, and seemed overshadowed by the fact that Delta readily spread through the state, testing my relationship with the various events and places that I would go to as numbers rose.

The one silver lining of everything was getting a new job. Not only did it give me the freedom to have weekends, but the raise I got from leaving my previous job was something that has allowed me to afford the experiences that I have had this summer.

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